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Thursday, 4 October 2012

More meds!

Continuing on the positive and productive theme I have started on another new medication, found myself a new GP, am attending a college course and have finally felt ready to cut all ties with William.

So I shall start with the medication and GP. After no end of problems with my GP I decided it was time for a change after finding out he had not even sent a referral to a specialist that was requested over 2 months ago! I had my first appointment with the new Doctor yesterday, it went really well. She was very understanding and very proactive. Upon her request I shall see her regularly until I am more settled as well as being referred back to the mental health team. Onto the meds...I have now been told to take my Duloxetine in the mornings instead of at night and have been prescribed Pregabalin (Lyrica) to take before I go to bed. Having read the information leaflet, as I always do before taking any medication, I must say there were some strange side effects listed as well as the usual headaches, weight gain etc. I shall give you just a few so you know what I mean: abnormal style of walking, swelling of the body including extremities, change in perception of self and abnormal breast growth! Sound fun don't they?! ;-) All jokes aside for a moment, I was rather nervous taking my first one last night although touch wood, I have been very lucky in the past and have never suffered too badly with side effects. I had the best nights sleep I have had for months. I slept straight through until my alarm went off this morning, I was amazed. I did feel a bit groggy and my eyesight did take a good fifteen minutes to return to normal; everything was spinning a little and was slightly fuzzy! I'm sure this will go in time. The first night was a success as far as I'm concerned and I hope to have another sound nights sleep tonight. *fingers crossed*

I started a college course on Tuesday at a local college called the BEST course which is Basic Employment Skills Training. This is a compulsory course which I must complete before I can move on to a relevant training course under the Jobcentre rules. We have been looking at various aspects of looking for work and the best ways to do so. We also had to complete two assessments, one English and one maths, it was like being back at school! It's surprising how much you forget. My adviser at the Jobcentre told me the course was just half a day when in fact it is three days this week and another three next week. Not only this but it is 9:30am to 4:30pm each day, needless to say my body wasn't quite prepared for this! Early mornings are something I particularly struggle with as I'm sure many other fibro suffers find too, but I have pushed myself to go in each day on time. Allowing myself plenty of time is really important to me not only physically but mentally. I hate being late for anything and always leave the house far earlier than necessary but if I don't do this I get very stressed and as we all know stress can bring on killer fibro pain. Anyway, back to the course, I am finding it really useful, the tutor is fantastic and I am looking forward to whatever course I decide to take next!

Finally just a short bit about William. It's been almost two months since we split and I have been finding it very difficult to cope at times which he is fully aware of. I have tried to keep contact to a minimum due to this but unfortunately he sent me a message this week, early morning, asking if I wanted to go away for the weekend with him. I then spent the whole day remembering all the little adventures we had been on and the wonderful times we've had. By bed time this had inevitably made me very upset and tearful. This was the moment I decided that any contact was too much, I needed time and space to grieve and get over the loss of our relationship and I couldn't do that whilst he was sending me messages like that. I dropped his final few belongings at his parents house, removed him from my Facebook friends and deleted his number. It feels as though a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have ended that chapter of my life and am now ready to start the next one.

Have you any advice or experience of taking meds for Fibromyalgia?

Take care for now,

Marie x

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